When Did Lorcana Come Out – A Comprehensive Release Timeline

Disney Lorcana dazzled game stores with its debut, offering an enchanting blend of strategy and Disney magic. While the fifth set’s name remains under wraps, local game stores enjoy early access to the first six sets, creating a buzz among eager fans.

Initial Announcement and Anticipation

Disney Lorcana was unveiled on August 30th, 2022, stirring excitement across major gaming platforms. Fans took to social media to share their enthusiasm, with the Disney Lorcana Twitter account making its debut. 

The D23 Expo – A First Glimpse Into Lorcana

The D23 Expo served as the stage for Lorcana’s grand unveiling. Early risers were greeted with a tweet showcasing initial Disney Lorcana cards. A booth, adorned with stunning game art and screens playing promotional videos, became a nexus for fans to gather.

Those lucky enough to be at the D23 Expo had the chance to take home exclusive items, including the coveted Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor promo card and a collectible pin. 

A limited-edition set of promo cards featuring beloved characters like Robin Hood and Stitch in their rock star personas was available for purchase

The Reveal of First Cards

The reveal of Disney Lorcana’s first cards created a buzz from September 9th to 11th, 2022. Collectors were intrigued by the “1st” stamp on the D23 Expo promo cards, a feature considered for the First Edition but ultimately not pursued. “The First Chapter” was confirmed as the official name of the debut set during interviews, with the TFC numbering on the promo cards emphasizing the start of an enchanting series.

when did lorcana come out

Pre-Release Events

Before Disney Lorcana officially hit shelves, a series of pre-release events paved the way for its grand entrance into the gaming world.

Festival International des Jeux, Cannes Cannes, France

From February 24th to 26th, select invitees were offered a sneak peek into the world of Lorcana at the Festival International des Jeux. Inside the Disney Lorcana booth, guests received a special pin, and all products for The First Chapter were proudly displayed, except the trove. Attendees also had the chance to see promo cards for the upcoming sets, adding to the anticipation.

Gala TCG – Paris, France

During April 22nd and 23rd, Gala TCG’s attendees were introduced to Lorcana’s enchanting realm. The booth featured interactive demos, illuminating the rich tapestry of rules and strategies that would soon be expanded with the Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway and its accessible 60-card decks.

GAMA Expo Reno, Nevada, USA

On April 24th and 25th, the GAMA Expo in Reno showcased Disney Lorcana at booth 325. Industry professionals gathered to delve into demos and learn about the organized play program, with sessions running into the night, offering a glimpse into the game’s strategic depths.

UK Games Expo Birmingham NEC, United Kingdom

June 2nd through 4th marked Lorcana’s presence at the UK Games Expo, where attendees could experience the game firsthand. 

Paris est Ludique (PEL) Paris, France

On July 1st and 2nd, Ravensburger returned to the French gaming scene with Lorcana at Paris est Ludique (PEL). The event echoed previous ones, with short demos and information sessions for retailers and players. The spotlight was on the promo cards from upcoming sets, teasing new adventures within the Lorcana universe.

Parthenay, France FLIP – Festival Ludique International de Parthenay

The FLIP festival, running from July 12th to 23rd, welcomed Ravensburger and the Lorcana team. The French games festival was an opportunity for retailers and players to engage with demo decks and learn more about the products that were soon to enchant the gaming market.

German Invite-Only Pre-Launch Event, Berlin

On July 15th, a select group of German Lorcana enthusiasts received exclusive invitations to become the first 100 Illumineers in their country. This special event offered them a firsthand experience with the game, a preview of brand-new cards, and exclusive insights into the world of Lorcana.

GenCon Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, USA

At GenCon 2023, from August 3rd to 6th, attendees had the unique opportunity to purchase select Lorcana products before their official release. While gift sets and troves were not available, booster boxes and starter decks flew off the shelves. 

Despite strict purchasing limits, the event was a resounding success, with sold-out learn-to-play demos and Challenge events, highlighting the game’s burgeoning popularity.

Gamescom 2023, Cologne, Germany

At Gamescom 2023, Ravensburger’s booth #5.2 D-020 was a hub of activity, with continuous demos and the distribution of an exclusive Goofy – Musketeer – Gamescom 2023 Promo card, adding a special souvenir for those who attended the event.

The Journey Begins – Disney Lorcana Launch Details

Disney Lorcana’s grand entrance into the trading card world began with a rollout in game stores across the United States on August 18, 2023. 

Following closely behind, an international launch on September 1, 2023, brought the game to Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Canada, with offerings in multiple languages. The Illumineer’s Trove and other products followed, marking a new chapter in the realm of collectible card games.

The First Chapter – Disney Lorcana’s Debut Set

The journey for Disney Lorcana enthusiasts began with the debut set, “The First Chapter,” unveiling a magical assortment of products. 

From starter decks to booster packs, booster boxes, and the much-coveted Illumineer’s Trove, the initial product line was a treasure trove for collectors and players alike

Gift sets and various accessories further enriched the lore tracker’s experience, making the launch an unforgettable event in hobby stores and mass retail locations.

Official Release and Retail Arrival Dates

Disney Lorcana The First Chapter made its grand entrance on August 18th, 2023, gracing the shelves of local game stores across participating countries. These dedicated shops enjoyed a two-week head start before Lorcana arrived at larger retailers, ensuring fans had exclusive early access. 

The excitement spread like wildfire, reaching a crescendo on September 1st when stores such as shopDisney, Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and more began offering The First Chapter products to the eager masses.

Organized Play and Early Community Building

Alongside the release, Lorcana League kits arrived, sparking the beginning of the Lorcana Leagues and fostering a sense of community among players. This structured play offered a perfect platform for enthusiasts to dive into the gameplay, refine their strategies, and forge new alliances. 

The first opportunity to snag Lorcana products had been two weeks prior at GenCon 2023, where eager fans got their hands on the game before its official release, signaling the start of a captivating journey.

Expanding the Universe – Subsequent Lorcana Releases

The lore of Disney Lorcana continued to unfold with subsequent releases, each adding depth and excitement to the game. For the initial six sets, lore enthusiasts marked their calendars, as game stores and game shops offered a sneak peek two weeks before the official floodgate opened at retail stores. This anticipation-building strategy ensured the buzz around each new set remained as thrilling as the last.

The Rise of Floodborn 

November 17th, 2023, marked the floodborn release date, as the second Lorcana set, Rise of the Floodborn, made waves at local game stores and Disney parks. 

The set, complete with booster boxes, packs, an Illumineer’s Trove, and two starter decks, offered a fresh tidal wave of cards featuring alternate artwork. Enthusiasts reveled in uncovering 12 random cards per pack, including sought-after uncommon and legendary cards.

While there was no traditional Gift Set, the Disney 100 Collector’s Edition box set offered a unique treasure trove for collectors. 

The general release for mass consumption at big box stores and online platforms, including shopDisney, began on December 1st, 2023, allowing fans to dive into the depths of the Floodborn set’s enchanting waters.

Into the Inklands

Embarking on a journey Into the Inklands, Disney Lorcana fans discovered the set at local game stores and selected Disney parks on February 23rd, 2024. This set introduced Locations, a new card type that added a dimension of strategy to the game. 

The release was robust, featuring two starter decks, a booster box, various booster pack designs, a Gift Set, and an updated Illumineer’s Trove. Players could also find new deck boxes, sleeves, playmats, and card portfolios, enhancing gameplay and collection.

From March 8th, larger retailers joined the adventure, making Into the Inklands accessible to a wider audience. Fans of the franchise eagerly anticipated the set championships, where characters like Stitch, now a rock star, took center stage, offering unique challenges and coveted promo cards to victorious players.

Ursula’s Return – The Villains Emerge

May 17th heralds the arrival of Ursula’s Return, the fourth Disney Lorcana set, at local game stores and a selection of Disney parks. As with the first six sets, these locations enjoy an exclusive two-week early access period. 

The fourth set brings a tidal wave of new content, including three booster pack designs, 24 packs in a booster box, an Illumineer’s Trove, two starter decks, and innovative card sleeves. Players and collectors alike eagerly anticipate the new products that continue to unfold the rich tapestry of Lorcana’s lore.

Ursula’s Return also introduces Illumineer’s Quest: Deep Trouble, a new gameplay experience set to replace the Gift Set. Players band together in this cooperative challenge, using pre-built decks to thwart Ursula’s schemes. 

Success in this underwater quest rewards players with golden packs, each revealing a victory card, and maintains the legacy of Disney Lorcana’s immersive storytelling.

Illumineer’s Quest: Deep Trouble

Illumineer’s Quest: Deep Trouble is a cooperative gaming experience where 1 to 4 players join forces to conquer Ursula and her deck of 50 cards. Using two pre-built decks, players engage in scenarios to defeat the sea witch and earn their triumph. Victory in this quest unlocks golden packs, each containing a special victory card, and doubles as a storage box for the collected bounty, making Illumineer’s Trove an essential component of this underwater adventure.

when did lorcana come out

The Road Ahead – Additional Sets Announced for 2024

As Disney Lorcana’s universe grows, fans can mark their calendars for the next exciting set of releases in 2024. Though the names remain unknown, the fifth set is slated for an early release on August 9th, with a general retail release following on August 23rd. 

This pattern of early access for local game stores and parks underscores Disney’s commitment to supporting brick-and-mortar establishments, offering a two-week head start to enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Similarly, the sixth set is poised to enchant players later in the year, with an early release scheduled for November 15th and a retail debut on November 29th. 

Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway

For those just beginning their journey into the enchanting world of trading card games, Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway offers a welcoming entry point. 

Launching alongside the fifth set on August 9th, this thoughtfully crafted product includes two basic decks of 30 cards, a two-player game board with character standees, rules, and player’s guides, and additional cards to expand one’s collection. 

It’s priced accessibly, ensuring a magical experience for newcomers diving into Disney Lorcana’s rich lore and gameplay.

As players delve into Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway, they get more cards to enhance their decks. By the end of the Gateway experience, each player will have crafted a full standard 60-card deck, ready to challenge friends and foes alike. 

This carefully designed introductory package ensures an engaging and progressive learning curve, setting the stage for a lifetime of Disney Lorcana adventures.

Future Horizons – Anticipating Lorcana’s Growth

Disney Lorcana’s footprint is set to expand, with additional sets announced for 2024, promising to keep the community engaged and the game ever-fresh. 

The anticipation for new set releases builds, with the promise of early access for local game stores and parks, giving dedicated players and collectors a tantalizing glimpse into the future of this magical universe.

Into the Inklands Championships

Disney Lorcana trading card game enthusiasts are in for a real treat with the introduction of Set Championships, a new competitive play format. Among these, the Into the Inklands Championships stand out as one-of-a-kind events hosted by local game stores. 

These tournaments, separate from the regular Lorcana League events, took place between April 19th and 28th. Players battled for a top-four finish, aiming to earn exclusive rewards like the Stitch – Rock Star – Championship Promo card and the coveted Champion playmat, making each 60-card deck and 12 randomized cards they played even more thrilling.

Disney Lorcana World Championships

The Disney Lorcana World Championships represent the pinnacle of competition for dedicated players. Scheduled for early 2025, this invite-only event will bring together the best of the best from the North American and European circuits. 

Though details remain scarce, the excitement is palpable as players across the globe speculate on the larger open event’s nature, which could very well be a grand Disney celebration of this beloved trading card game.

Disney Lorcana Challenge – Competitive Circuit

The Disney Lorcana Challenge competitive circuit is buzzing with anticipation as the first few events’ announcements, promising more on the horizon. This circuit is split into North American and European regions, each hosting regional Challenge events. 

In a thrilling update from the Lorecast, it’s been revealed that the top eight players from each regional Challenge will be vying for a chance to qualify for the final North American or European Championships events. This competitive expansion is a testament to Disney Lorcana’s growing popularity and the community’s vibrant engagement.

Steve Warner, a prominent figure in the Lorcana community, has hinted at other pathways to qualify for these prestigious events, with details forthcoming. 

North America Dates

Disney Lorcana’s North American circuit is set to dazzle fans with a lineup of events across select Disney parks and cities. The release schedule kicks off in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 25th – 26th, followed by a series of tournaments in Chicago, Fort Worth, Toronto, Las Vegas, and Seattle. Each event promises a unique experience for Disney Lorcana enthusiasts, with the excitement of competition set against the backdrop of some of the most vibrant cities in North America.

Europe Dates

In Europe, Disney Lorcana players can look forward to a selection of events featuring a similar release schedule. The journey begins in Lille, France, on May 25th – 26th, traversing through Bochum, Bologna, and culminating in Birmingham.

when did lorcana come out

Closing Thoughts on Disney Lorcana’s Journey So Far

Disney Lorcana’s launch has been a whirlwind of excitement, blending iconic Disney characters with the dynamic trading card game space. 

From the initial reveal of treasured Disney properties like Mickey Mouse and Treasure Planet to the anticipation of super rare cards, fans have been captivated. 

The Disney Lorcana launch set the scene for a magical mix of strategy and fun, where card portfolios began to fill with 12 cards featuring beloved characters, each illustrated with the enchantment one expects from Disney Animation Studios.

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