Maleficent Lorcana Cards: Unveiling the Enchantment of the Latest Cards

Step into a realm where magic and strategy intertwine with the Maleficent Lorcana cards. These bewitching additions to the Lorcana universe are not just collectibles; they’re a gateway to captivating gameplay. 

As you unveil each card, you’ll discover Maleficent’s power and presence, offering a unique blend of strength and cunning. Get ready to be enchanted by the latest cards that bring the iconic villain to life in a whole new way.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the Lorcana scene, the allure of Maleficent’s cards is undeniable. With vivid artwork and compelling abilities, each card elevates your game experience. 

Unveiling Maleficent Lorcana Cards

You’ve got the chance to snag some of the most enchanting cards out there. Maleficent’s latest Lorcana cards are here and waiting to be added to your collection. Each card is a masterpiece featuring the dark sorceress in all her glory. Keep an eye out for these gems—you won’t want to miss them!

maleficent lorcana

1. Maleficent – Monstrous Dragon – D23 Expo

Released as a stunning promo at the D23 Expo, the Maleficent – Monstrous Dragon card is a treasure for any collector. As a storyborn villain with the power of dragon fire, this card showcases Maleficent in her most fearsome form—a ruby-inked dragon. 

With an ink cost of 9 and abilities that allow you to banish a chosen opposing character, she’s a formidable force in gameplay. Her strength and willpower stats, 7 and 5 respectively, make her a card that’s hard to ignore on the battlefield.

Luis Huerta’s artistry brings this legendary card to life, depicting Maleficent’s transformation into a dragon with such detail that you can almost feel the heat of her fiery breath. 

With its classification as a storyborn, dragon, and villain, this card is not just a collector’s item but also a strategic asset in Lorcana’s play. Keep it in your arsenal for moments when you need to turn the game’s tide with a blast of dragon fire.


If you’re looking to add the Maleficent – Monstrous Dragon – D23 Expo card to your collection, be prepared to invest. According to Sports Card Investor, prices range from a hefty $2.5k to a staggering $7k, with the last recorded sale clocking in at $2,650. It’s a premium price for a premium card, but for true enthusiasts, it’s a worthy addition to any Lorcana deck.

2. Maleficent – Monstrous Dragon

Embrace the dark allure of the Maleficent – Monstrous Dragon card from The First Chapter set. With her storyborn status and classification as a dragon and villain, this card is a must-have for players who value power and strategy. 

The legendary rarity makes it a standout piece, and with the dragon fire ability, you’ll have the power to banish a chosen opposing character, changing the course of the game in your favor.

The card’s illustrator, Luis Huerta, captures the essence of Maleficent’s transformation with stunning artwork that exudes strength and malevolence. Released on August 18th, 2023, this card carries an ink cost of 9 and boasts stats of 7 strength and 5 willpower, encapsulated in a captivating ruby ink color. 


For those seeking the Maleficent – Monstrous Dragon card, TCGPlayer lists the base card at $34.46, while the foil version shimmers at $100.13. Hunt for bargains or splurge on eBay, where you might find listings soaring up to $299.99. Whether you play or display, this card is a treasure worth every cent.

3. Maleficent – Biding Her Time

With patience as her weapon, the Maleficent – Biding Her Time card reveals a more subtle side of this iconic villain. Featured in The First Chapter set, this rare card invites you into the strategic mind of Maleficent. 

An ink cost of just 1 makes this card an accessible play, while the amethyst ink color adds a touch of mystique to your deck. Grace Tran’s illustration portrays Maleficent in calm contemplation, plotting her next move in the shadows.

Although she may not boast the formidable stats of her dragon counterpart, with strength and willpower both at 1, the Maleficent – Biding Her Time card is a dreamborn sorcerer who embodies the essence of a villain patiently waiting for the perfect moment to strike.


If you’re looking to capture the quiet cunning of Maleficent – Biding Her Time, the base card’s cost is a modest $3.49 on TCGPlayer, with the foil version priced at $7.27. On eBay, the stakes are higher, with some listings reaching $109. It’s an affordable yet potent addition to your Lorcana arsenal.

4. Maleficent – Sinister Visitor

When Maleficent arrives as a Sinister Visitor, she brings a chilling presence to the game. This common card from The First Chapter set may seem unassuming with an ink cost of 4, but don’t be deceived by her sapphire ink—Maleficent is ever the storyborn sorcerer and villain. Her strength of 3 and willpower of 4 make her a formidable character to play, especially when the right moment arises.

Nicholas Kole’s illustration captures Maleficent’s eerie elegance, making her a captivating addition to any collection. With no specific abilities, this card is a blank canvas for your strategic creativity, allowing you to craft unexpected moves that can surprise your opponents. It’s the perfect embodiment of Maleficent’s unpredictable nature.


The Maleficent – Sinister Visitor card offers an affordable entry into Lorcana. Priced at just $0.04 for the base and $0.27 for the foil on TCGPlayer, it’s a steal. But on eBay, you might find yourself caught in a bidding war, with prices climbing to $195.

5. Maleficent – Sorceress

The Maleficent Sorceress card, a common entry from The First Chapter set, embodies dark magic and cunning. With an ink cost of 3 and the ability to draw, this storyborn villain card, illustrated by Valerio Buonfantino, allows players to delve deeper into their deck, seeking the spells and strategies needed to claim victory.

Its card ID 49/204 signifies its part in the 2023 Disney Lorcana release, and with an inkwell and move cost of 2, it offers a versatile choice for those looking to weave Maleficent’s sorcery into their gameplay. Despite its common rarity, the strategic depth it brings to the table cannot be overlooked.


On TCGPlayer, the base Sorceress card is available for $0.20, and the foil version for $1.37. For collectors scouring eBay, prices can escalate to a mesmerizing $488.88.

6. Maleficent – Uninvited

The Maleficent – Uninvited card from The First Chapter set is a rare find that any collector or player would covet. With an ink cost of 5 and an ink color of sapphire, this dreamborn sorcerer and villain has a strength of 3 and an impressive willpower of 6. Gaku Kumatori’s illustration captures the bold defiance of Maleficent, crashing an unwelcome presence into any game.


The Maleficent – Uninvited card is an affordable rare gem, with TCGPlayer listing the base card at $0.19 and the foil version at $1.30. But don’t be surprised if you find it fetching up to $328 on eBay.

7. Maleficent – Uninvited – Disney100

In celebration of Disney’s 100th anniversary, the Maleficent – Uninvited card receives a special promo treatment. Part of the Disney100 set, this card shares the same stats as its counterpart in The First Chapter set but with the prestige of a promo rarity. Lorelay Bove’s artwork offers a fresh take on the sorceress, making this version a must-have for collectors and Disney enthusiasts alike.

This Maleficent card is not just a piece of Lorcana’s history; it’s a tribute to a century of storytelling. With the same tactical flexibility as the original Uninvited card, this promo version stands out with its unique art and commemorative status. It’s a card that embodies the legacy of Disney and the strategic depth of Lorcana, all in one.


You’ll find it listed on TCGPlayer with a starting price of $5.13. However, collectors seem to value this card much higher, as some eBay listings have soared to $299.99, showcasing the card’s desirability and potential investment worth.

maleficent lorcana

8. Maleficent – Mistress of All Evil

From the “Into the Inklands” set comes the legendary Maleficent – Mistress of All Evil card, imbued with the power to damage, draw, heal, and move damage, making it a formidable force in any Lorcana deck. 

With an ink cost of 5 and amethyst ink color, this card, illustrated by Grace Tran, wields a strength of 2 and willpower of 3, fitting for a Storyborn, Sorcerer, and Villain of her stature.

Released on February 23rd, 2024, with a card ID of 51/204, this legendary card’s abilities allow for complex and thrilling gameplay, giving you the chance to turn the tides in your favor. 


TCGPlayer offers it at a modest $2.64, while the foil card shines at $6.44. Collectors should note that eBay has listings reaching up to $74.40, indicating a significant interest in this enchanting card’s rarer forms.

9. Maleficent – Mistress of All Evil – Enchanted

Step into a world of sorcery with the enchanted version of Maleficent – Mistress of All Evil. It is a character card that captivates using Javier Salas’s stunning artwork and with its strategic depth. 

With a release date of February 23rd, 2024, and a card ID of 209/204, this card from the “Into the Inklands” set is a must-have. It carries the same amethyst ink color, ink cost of 5, and stats as its legendary counterpart—a strength of 2 and willpower of 3.

What sets this enchanted card apart are its unique abilities, including “DARK KNOWLEDGE” and “DIVINATION,” which can give you a critical advantage during gameplay. 

The card text and flavor add an extra layer of immersive storytelling, making this version an essential addition for players and collectors who relish the lore and mystical prowess of Maleficent. Embrace the dark magic and enhance your deck with this Enchanted rarity.


For the spellbinding ‘Maleficent – Mistress of All Evil – Enchanted’ card, TCGPlayer lists it at $140.47. But don’t be surprised if you see it fetching up to $500 on eBay.

Exploring Related Cards

As you delve deeper into the world of Lorcana, you’ll find cards that complement and enhance Maleficent’s dark charm. Let’s explore these related cards that bring her story to life on the battlefield.

10. Forbidden Mountain – Maleficent’s Castle

Forbidden Mountain, known as Maleficent’s Castle, is a location card that brings the formidable fortress of the dark sorceress to your game. With its amethyst ink and an ink cost of 2, this common card from the “Into the Inklands” set, illustrated by Jimmy Lo, offers a willpower of 6. Its release date was February 23rd, 2024, and it carries a card ID of 66/204.

The castle’s strategic value lies in its imposing presence on the field, serving as a bastion for your dark-themed deck. With no keywords or abilities, the simplicity of Forbidden Mountain allows for a pure and undistracted gameplay focus, making it a solid foundational card for any player seeking to channel the essence of Maleficent through their Lorcana deck.


TCGPlayer offers the base card at an accessible price of just $0.05, while the foil version glimmers at $0.15. 

11. Goons – Maleficent’s Underlings

The Goons – Maleficent’s Underlings card features the bungling minions that serve the Mistress of All Evil. This common character card from the “The First Chapter” set, illustrated by Cam Kendell, has an ink cost of 1 and a steel ink color. With a move cost of 2 and willpower of 2, these Goons, released on August 18th, 2023, with a card ID of 179/204, bring a touch of comic relief and strategic function to the game.

As Storyborn allies, the Goons offer a straightforward addition to your deck, helping to execute your strategic plans with a lore score of 1. Their simplicity makes them an excellent choice for new players looking to understand the basics of character cards while still enjoying the thematic connection to one of Disney’s most iconic villains.


Commanding the ‘Goons – Maleficent’s Underlings’ won’t break your bank. TCGPlayer places the base card at an approachable $0.05, with the foil version slightly higher at $0.24. But don’t underestimate their value; some eBay listings have seen these underlings climb to a surprising $49.99, hinting at their unexpected popularity among collectors.

maleficent lorcana

Understanding the Gameplay Role of Maleficent in Lorcana

When you bring Maleficent into your Lorcana game, you’re not just adding a card—you’re invoking a strategy. Her abilities to deal with damage, draw cards, heal, and move damage around the field make her a versatile and dynamic character to play. Maleficent’s cards can turn the tide of a game, offering you multiple pathways to victory, whether through brute force or cunning manipulation.

Understanding how to best utilize Maleficent’s strengths and when to deploy her different versions can give you an edge over your opponents. With each card drawing from the rich lore of the franchise, incorporating Maleficent into your gameplay isn’t just effective—it’s also a way to immerse yourself deeper into the enchanting world of Lorcana.

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