Lorcana Set List – Comprehensive Guide to Every Card Collection

Imagine a world where the beloved Disney characters you know come to life in a whole new way. That’s Lorcana, the trading card game where magic meets strategy. 

Since its release, Lorcana has enchanted players with its rich tapestry of sets, each brimming with familiar faces and thrilling gameplay. 

Dive into the main sets, starting with The First Chapter, and discover the allure of assembling your ultimate deck.

Each set in Lorcana, from the enchanting Rise of the Floodborn to the mysterious Into the Inklands, offers a unique journey through Disney’s iconic universe. 

With cards like the gentle and kind 1 Ariel or the relentless pursuer Madam Mim, you’ll draw a card into adventures that are both nostalgic and new. 

With booster packs, starter decks, and special editions, the quest to find your beloved princess or outsmart a bumbler is unending and ever-changing.

Delving Into Disney Lorcana: A Complete Set Overview

Step into the vibrant world of Disney Lorcana and meet characters like Flynn Rider, Junior Chipmunk, and Madam Mim. Each set is a treasure trove waiting for you to unlock its secrets, with every card a piece of Disney magic to collect, trade, and play.

1. The First Chapter Set

Released on August 18, 2023—the debut of The First Chapter set brought together a collection of 204 cards, each with a shimmering foil and non-foil version. 

This inaugural set dazzles with cards like Mad Hatter and Cruella de Vil. It also features twelve secret Enchanted cards, including a borderless Duke of Weselton and the steadfast Sergeant Tibbs. 

With 216 unique cards, 420 if you want for every foil and non-foil variant, your collection will be as vast as the Disney universe itself.

For those who cherish rarity, the Enchanted cards beckon with alternate art and rainbow-pattern foil, transcending the main set’s numbering. 

These treasures, including the Mad Hatter and Cruella de Vil, promise to elevate your Lorcana ensemble with a touch of exclusivity and the thrill of the hunt for every collector.

• Starter Deck

Ready to enter the world of Lorcana? The Starter Deck is your first step. Each box is a treasure trove that includes a 60-card deck crafted with care by Team Lorcana, ensuring a balanced and exciting gameplay experience right out of the gate. 

With two exclusive foil cards featuring the characters gracing the package, your journey begins with a touch of shine. Add to that 11 game tokens, a Lore tracker to guide your adventure, and a rulebook to navigate the game’s rich landscape, and you’re all set for action.

To sweeten the deal, each Starter Deck comes with a booster pack brimming with 12 randomized cards, offering a taste of the greater world waiting to be discovered. 

Priced at $16.99, it’s the perfect way to start your Lorcana odyssey, whether you’re new to trading card games or a seasoned strategist seeking a new challenge.

• Booster Packs

Seeking the thrill of the unknown? Booster Packs are your key to unlocking new characters and expanding your strategic horizons. 

Whether adorned with Elsa, Mickey, or Maleficent, each pack is a mystery waiting to be revealed. 

For $5.99, 12 new cards could shift the tide of your next game, offering endless possibilities for collectors and players alike.

• Illumineer’s Trove

At $49.99, the Illumineer’s Trove is the treasure every new player and collector dreams of. This bountiful box provides a haven for your growing card collection and arms you with eight booster packs and a wealth of game tokens. 

With a player’s guide in hand, you’re ready to navigate the enchanting world of Lorcana and strategize your path to victory.

• Gift Set

The Gift Set is a spectacle, with oversized foil cards that command attention. Inside, you’ll find these striking displays but also playable foil cards to unleash in battle. 

For $29.99, the set includes thirty-four game tokens and four booster packs, each delivering twelve additional game cards

It’s a trove of wonders, amplifying your Lorcana experience with each discovery.

Lorcana Set List

2. Rise of the Floodborn

The Rise of the Floodborn set, unveiled on November 17, 2023, brought a deluge of 204 new cards, each with fresh art to captivate your imagination. 

Enchanted cards returned with a dozen characters transformed, and the set introduced the keyword Resist, adding depth to your gameplay. 

Art lovers rejoiced at the art card puzzle featuring Minnie Mouse – Wide-Eyed Diver, a true collector’s delight.

With characters like the commanding presence of Madam Mim and the fashionable cruiser Cruella de Vil, Rise of the Floodborn offers a new layer of strategy. 

Christopher Robin and Judy Hopps, the optimistic officer, join the fray alongside a dozen eggs and Yzma, each card a new chapter in your Lorcana story.

• Starter Decks

Rise of the Floodborn introduces two new Starter Decks, each a preconstructed 60-card narrative ready to be played. 

Choose between Amber/Sapphire and Amethyst/Steel, and discover the foil cards that headline your deck’s theme. With game tokens, a rulebook, and a booster pack included, these decks are your ticket to new Lorcana adventures.

Each Starter Deck is a curated experience designed to guide you into the game’s depths. With every draw, your strategy unfolds, and with every card played, your story comes to life. It’s more than a game. It’s a journey through a world where every character has a role to play in your victory.

• Booster Packs

The Rise of the Floodborn booster packs beckon with the possibility of uncovering new tactical edges.

 Featuring art like the Quick-Tempered Queen of Hearts, the Warrior of Kumandra Raya, and the Selfless Protector Beast, each pack is a step further into the depths of Lorcana’s enchanting universe, with a modest price tag of $5.99.

• Illumineer’s Trove

The Illumineer’s Trove is more than just a box; it’s a guidebook to the vast world of Lorcana. Priced at $49.99, it offers a complete visual guide to the enchanting cards of Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn. 

Here, you’ll find strategies woven between the cards and tips for crafting a winning deck, all nestled within a storage box and deck boxes designed with the collector in mind.

• Disney 100 Collector’s Edition

The Disney 100 Collector’s Edition is a must-have for the discerning collector. It’s a celebration of Disney’s century of storytelling, featuring six exclusive alternate art cards that span The First Chapter and Rise of the Floodborn. 

Artists from Walt Disney Animation Studios have reimagined these characters, infusing each card with a unique vision. For $29.99, and with four booster packs included, this edition is a tribute to the artistry of Disney, a treasure to behold.

3. Into the Inklands

Embark on a journey Into the Inklands, where 204 cards await, each with their own unique rules. Released on February 23, 2024, this set introduced a new dynamic to the game with distinct cards for each ink color. 

Dalmatian puppies frolic across five versions, while 18 Enchanted cards bring non-character elements into the spotlight, including four locations, a song, and an item, making the set a collector’s dream.

Into the Inklands are a foray into uncharted territories, with a magic broom and Gramma Tala guiding you through new challenges. Chief Tui and Robin Hood join the lineup, while location cards expand your strategic options. 

The Enchanted cards of Motunui beckon, promising new tales to weave into your Lorcana legacy.

• Starter Decks

Into the Inklands presents two Starter Decks, Ruby/Sapphire and Amber/Emerald, each a canvas for your tactical artistry. 

These decks are complete tales with 60 cards, including two foils that reflect the spirit of the characters they represent. Game tokens, a quick start rulebook, alongside a booster pack, are your companions in this new chapter of Lorcana adventure.

• Booster Packs

Booster Packs from Into the Inklands are portals to new possibilities. With three distinct designs featuring Piglet – Pooh Pirate Captain, Jafar – Lamp Thief, and Minnie Mouse – Funky Spelunker, each pack offers a fresh narrative. 

Rules cards replace puzzle cards, providing guidance on locations and damage movement, enriching the gameplay with each new addition to your deck.

• Illumineer’s Trove

Your journey through the magical world of Disney Lorcana is enriched with the Illumineer’s Trove, a treasure chest for any aspiring collector. 

Within this trove, you’ll uncover eight randomized booster packs, each with the potential for new adventures and strategic plays. 

The six damage-counter dice are functional and aesthetically pleasing, featuring a spellbinding ink design with gold numbers that shimmer as you track your triumphs and challenges. 

And there’s one lore counter, a unique tool distinct from the rest, with a spin-dial feature to easily keep tabs on your lore accumulation, a vital component in your quest for victory.

The trove doesn’t stop there. It also provides a sturdy storage box to safeguard your collection. Six card dividers assist you in organizing your arsenal of spells, characters, and enchantments, ensuring you’re prepared for any duel. 

This trove is a must-have for the items it contains and for the experience it promises, enhancing each moment of your Lorcana escapades with a touch of enchantment.

• Gift Set

Gift-giving in the realm of Disney Lorcana becomes an enchanting affair with the Gift Set. Imagine the delight of receiving two oversized foil cards featuring beloved characters that shine brighter than ever. 

Alongside these, you’ll find their counterparts, two playable foil cards that can leap into action in your next game. The set is completed with four booster packs and thirty-four game tokens to ensure your gameplay is as smooth as a magic carpet ride. 

Whether for a friend or your collection, the Gift Set is a bundle of joy that brings the Disney magic to life.

4. Ursula’s Return 

Mark your calendars for a tidal wave of new challenges. Disney Lorcana’s fourth set, Ursula’s Return, is slated to make a splash on May 17th, 2024, at your local hobby and game stores and even Disney Parks. 

But if you can’t wait to dive in, don’t worry. A wider release is coming to retail, big box stores, and shopDisney on May 31st, 2024. This set boasts a main deck of 204 cards. 

There are additional cards beyond that number, offering surprises that aren’t enchanted but are still part of the main set.

With cards revealed to tantalize your strategic senses, Ursula’s Return promises to bring new depths to your Lorcana gameplay. 

Keep an eye out for those extra cards that exceed the 204 limit, as they may be the key to turning the tide in your next battle. 

The Disney lorcana set is ever-expanding, and Ursula’s Return is just the latest chapter in an ongoing saga of enchantment and excitement.

• Starter Decks

The set comes with two starter decks: Sapphire/Steel or Amber/Amethyst. Each deck is a doorway to the enchanting world, featuring a preconstructed set of 60 cards that includes two foil cards of the characters gracing the package front, ready to lead you to victory. 

With 11 game tokens and a quick start rulebook to guide your journey, you’ll be well-equipped for battle. And the excitement doesn’t stop there—each starter deck also comes with a booster pack containing 12 additional randomized cards, adding an element of surprise and the potential for new strategies to your gameplay.

• Booster Packs

Every booster pack in Disney Lorcana is a treasure trove waiting to be unlocked. With twelve randomized cards tucked inside, each pack offers a mix of six common cards and three uncommon cards, ensuring a solid foundation for your deck. 

But the real thrill lies in the two rare, super rare, or legendary cards, each a potential game-changer that could turn the tides of battle in your favor. 

And to add a touch of sparkle to your collection, one foil card of random rarity level is included, ready to dazzle opponents and allies alike. 

• Illumineer’s Trove

As an addition to your Disney Lorcana collection, the Illumineer’s Trove is not just a set of tools; it’s an upgrade to your gameplay experience. 

Inside, you’ll find eight booster packs, each containing 12 game cards that provide a wealth of strategic options and enchanting characters to deploy. 

The six damage-counter dice, with their magical ink appearance and gold-printed numbers, allow you to monitor the ebb and flow of battle. And the lore counter—there’s one lore counter here—is no ordinary piece. 

It’s specially designed with a spin dial to help you keep a clear record of your progress, a small but crucial advantage on the path to victory. This trove is essential for any player looking to enhance their game and safeguard their growing collection.

• Illumineer’s Quest: Deep Trouble

Deep Trouble beckons you into a narrative-driven experience within Disney Lorcana, where you face off against the formidable Ursula. This immersive quest includes an oversized Ursula card that dominates the seascape of your game. 

Accompanying this fearsome foe is a Ursula scenario deck consisting of 50 cards with a unique card back that weaves a tale of intrigue and strategy. You’ll also find two prebuilt Disney Lorcana TCG decks. Each with 60 cards ready to sail into battle. 

The set will also include two oversized, double-sided battleground cards, a Deep Trouble playmat for a thematic setting, and a Ursula draw token to mark your draws from the depths.

But that’s not all—three lore tracker tokens are provided to help you navigate the twists and turns of your journey, while 29 damage counters keep track of the havoc wreaked by your spells and characters. And hidden within the depths of this quest lies a Secret Victory card, a prize that may tip the scales in your favor. 

With a Deep Trouble rules sheet included, you’ll have all the guidance you need to embark on this underwater escapade, making Deep Trouble a must-have for those seeking to dive deeper into the lore of Lorcana.

Lorcana Set List

5. Disney Lorcana Promo Cards: A Closer Look

Disney Lorcana promo cards are like the rock stars of your collection, each one a standout version of a card that adds a dash of exclusivity to your deck. 

Whether you find them in a gift set or at special events, these cards are treasures, boasting unique art or gameplay elements that set them apart from their standard counterparts. 

Keep an eye out for these special cards—they’re the gems that can make your collection truly shine.

• D23 Expo Exclusive Cards

The D23 Expo is where Disney fans’ dreams come true, and for Disney Lorcana collectors, it’s no different. Exclusive cards released during this magical event are coveted for their rarity and the special touch they add to any collection. 

• Special Event Promo Cards

Special events in the world of Disney Lorcana are not just about the thrill of the game but also about the exclusive loot that awaits. 

Promo cards released during these occasions are a badge of honor, showcasing your participation and achievements. These cards often feature unique artwork or abilities that can’t be found anywhere else, making them a prized addition to any deck. 

Keep an eye on the Lorcana events calendar so you don’t miss these special opportunities to enhance your collection with these limited-edition gems.

• Lorcana League Collector’s Items

As a member of the Lorcana League, you’re not just a player but a part of an elite community. Collector’s items from the league are like badges of distinction, signaling your dedication and prowess in the game. 

These items often come in the form of unique cards or pins that add a personal touch to your gameplay experience. 

Whether it’s through league play or special achievements, these collector’s items serve as tangible memories of your journey through the ranks of the Lorcana League.

Lorcana Rarity and Valuation Guide

Understanding the rarity system is crucial in the world of Lorcana collecting. Some cards are harder to find than others, and knowing which ones can help you make smart trades and keep your collection growing. 

Understanding the Rarity Tiers

Let’s break down the rarity tiers in Lorcana. From common to legendary, each tier has its color code and symbol that you can find on the card. 

The commons are the base, but don’t overlook them; they form the foundation of any strong deck. As you move up to rare and legendary cards, you’ll notice they’re harder to come by in booster packs.

Enchanted cards are the true gems of Lorcana, often boasting powerful abilities and stunning artwork. Look for these as you open packs or trade with friends. 

Estimating the Value of Your Lorcana Cards

Curious about the worth of your Lorcana cards? Start by checking if you have any from the promo set. These cards are often given out at special events and can be more valuable than regular-issue cards. Their unique designs and limited availability can make them a hot commodity in the trading world.

To estimate the value, look at the card’s condition, rarity, and demand. A mint condition card from a sought-after promo set can fetch a higher price. Keep your cards in top shape and stay updated on which ones are in demand. That way, you’ll always know the potential worth of your collection. Happy collecting!

Conclusion: The Endless Adventure of Lorcana Collecting

As you journey through the world of Lorcana, remember that each card, from the enchanting Maleficent to the playful Tigger, is a doorway to new adventures. The joy of collecting is just the beginning; with every new set and special edition, your passion for Disney magic and strategic gameplay can only grow. 

Embrace the thrill of the hunt for rare cards, cherish the friendships forged in trading, and revel in the excitement of competitive play. 

Collecting Lorcana is an adventure without end, a story you continue to write with every booster pack you open and every deck you build. 

So, keep exploring, for the magic of Lorcana is ever-expanding, and your next great discovery is just a shuffle away.

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