Lorcana Review – Unveiling the Magic of Disney’s Latest CCG

Stepping into the enchanting realm of Lorcana, Disney’s latest collectible card game (CCG) unveils a world where the nostalgia of Disney stories collides with strategic gameplay. 

As players, you navigate a landscape rich with beloved characters, each beautifully reimagined for this magical contest. 

For those who’ve ventured into trading card games, the allure of Lorcana lies in its combination of familiar Disney charm and innovative mechanics. 

The game promotes a weekly league play, fostering a community atmosphere that is both rewarding and compelling. 

Whether you’re a seasoned CCG player or a newcomer to the genre, Lorcana promises a vividly immersive experience, especially when played against various opponents, which is crucial to discovering the game’s strategic nuances.

Dive Into the World of Lorcana

Enter the mystical realm of Lorcana, where lore and arcana collide. As an Illumineer, you will gather Disney characters, or “glimmers,” to weave tales of magic and adventure. 

With four chapters and three sets already gracing the game, players can explore a rich tapestry of gameplay. Each set, including the inaugural 204-card set from The First Chapter, is available in various forms like boosters, starters, and even an Illumineer’s Trove and gift sets, providing a treasure trove of options for collectors and players.

Lorcana’s allure doesn’t just lie in its gameplay; it’s also about the stories it tells. Every card is a piece of a much larger puzzle, representing Disney songs and stories that resonate with fans, young and old. 

Whether you’ve played any other CCG or are new to the genre, jumping into the game with a starter box is straightforward. You can draw a single card, construct your deck, and be prepared to collect lore and experience the magic straight from the box.

lorcana review

What is Disney’s Lorcana?

Disney’s Lorcana, developed by Ravensburger, is a trading card game that intertwines the charms of Disney with innovative gameplay. 

Announced at the 2022 D23 Expo and launched in September 2023, Lorcana has expanded with sets like “Rise of the Floodborns” and “Into the Inklands.” 

The game features Disney characters in original and reimagined art styles. It is set in a new world, promising unique and magical gameplay experiences.

Within this game, players become Illumineers, powerful sorcerers who collect and utilize cards from The Great Illuminary—a compendium of all Disney songs and stories. 

Whether you draw cards into your hand or strategize with a deck of 60 cards, you’ll find Lorcana both familiar to those who have played any other CCG and innovative for the genre. 

With its ever-growing inkwell as your source of casting power, the game feels like a fresh take on the beloved Disney universe.


  • An engaging blend of Disney magic with strategic gameplay
  • Accessible for newcomers and rewarding for veterans
  • Beautifully illustrated cards featuring beloved characters
  • Regularly released expansions ensure fresh content
  • Diverse game modes cater to different playstyles
  • Community-building opportunities through league play


  • An initial investment required for competitive play
  • Require commitment to keep up with expansions

Gameplay Mechanics Explored

In Lorcana, players engage in gameplay using decks of 60 or more cards, drawing from up to two ink colors. 

The pre-built starter decks are perfect for those eager to dive in, complete with rules, a rulebook, tokens, and a booster pack. 

With three types of cards—character, item, and action—players can quest or challenge their way to victory. The primary objective is simple yet challenging: be the first to amass 20 Lore points and claim triumph.

Beginning Phase

Every round in Lorcana starts with the Beginning Phase, where you follow a set sequence of actions to set the stage for your turn. 

First, you ready all exerted cards, preparing them for new challenges. 

Next, you set the tone by checking for any start-of-turn effects and implementing their instructions. 

The final act in this phase is to draw a card from your deck. This structured start ensures a fair and predictable foundation for the unfolding game.

The player doesn’t draw a card on their first turn to compensate for starting first. This rule is a thoughtful inclusion to maintain balance and fairness from the very beginning of the game. 

It’s a small but significant detail highlighting Lorcana’s well-considered design, aimed at creating an equitable and enjoyable experience for all players involved.

Main Phase

During the Main Phase, the world of Lorcana truly comes to life as you engage in various actions. You can add a single card to your inkwell once per turn, expanding your resources and potential moves. 

From there, you may play cards such as characters, actions, songs, or items, each with their role in your strategy. Items, abilities, and character abilities that don’t require exertion also come into play, offering an array of tactical choices. 

If a character card is ready before the Beginning Phase, you can use it in this turn. You can embark on a quest, challenge an exerted character, sing a song, or use an ability that necessitates exertion.

With 204 cards to choose from, each decision you make in the Main Phase is pivotal, crafting the game’s narrative. The diverse array of cards ensures that each player can find their path to victory, making Lorcana a personal and engaging experience. 

Whether you’re a tactical thinker or a fan of bold moves, Lorcana’s Main Phase is where your strategy and creativity shine.

Ending the Game

The conclusion of a Lorcana game is as strategic as its beginning. Players alternate through the Beginning and Main Phases, with the direction of play moving clockwise around the table. 

If a player is required to draw a card and cannot, they are immediately out of the game, highlighting the importance of deck management. 

Victory is ultimately secured by the first player to gather 20 Lore, marking the end of the game and crowning the victor in this magical duel of wits and strategy.

The Unique Features of Lorcana

Lorcana’s allure lies in its unique features that set it apart from other CCGs. The game invites you to explore the rich tapestry of Disney stories, delving into an immersive world where every card from your hand weaves a new chapter. 

From the starter decks that offer a gateway into the game’s universe to the ability to collect up to 4 copies of each card, Lorcana encourages both collection and customization.

The Starter Box

The starter box experience is accessible and expansive. With each deck, you’re not just getting a set of cards; you’re unlocking a narrative potential that spans the breadth of Disney’s imagination. 

As you engage with characters like those from The Lion King, you’ll find that Lorcana’s gameplay is as much about storytelling as it is about strategy.

Ink as Gameplay Resource

The game’s mechanics also reflect this narrative depth. For example, the inkwell is not just a resource management tool; it’s a thematic representation of the ever-growing lore that fuels your magical abilities. Each card you play is more than just an action; it’s a chapter in your ongoing story within the fantastical world of Lorcana.

Scoring Via Lore

Finally, the game’s focus on lore as a scoring mechanism is a refreshing twist. Rather than simply defeating your opponent, you’re on a quest to gather knowledge and stories, embodying the essence of what makes Disney tales so captivating. 

This approach to scoring encourages players to think differently about their strategies, prioritizing lore collection over combat, which further distinguishes Lorcana in the world of CCGs.

Player Experiences and Feedback

Players entering the world of Lorcana come with different backgrounds, some steeped in the lore of trading card games, others with a preference for board games. 

For many, Lorcana’s accessibility is a breath of fresh air, offering a lower barrier to entry without sacrificing the depth that makes trading card games so captivating. 

The starter decks, with their rich selection of foil cards and distinct ink colors, provide everything needed to begin this enchanting journey.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with players appreciating how Lorcana taps into the vast reservoir of Disney properties. 

The game not only stands up to the hype but also proves to be a rewarding experience that holds up to repeated play. 

Whether you’re a collector or a strategist, Lorcana offers a delightful blend of nostalgia and challenge that keeps you coming back for more.

Accessibility and Availability

Lorcana extends the tradition of trading card games by ensuring visual accessibility for a wide audience. The game’s design features high-contrast elements and large text for easy reading, accommodating colorblind and low-vision gamers. 

With characters like Mickey Mouse gracing the cards, the game is a visual treat and an inclusive experience for all who wish to delve into the magical world of Disney.

Where to Purchase Lorcana Sets

The game is widely available for those ready to embark on the enchanting journey of Lorcana. 

In the US, you can find starter boxes and other sets at major retailers such as Target, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, and Barnes & Noble. Dedicated Disney fans can also visit shopDisney.com, the Disney Store in Times Square, or Disney Springs at Walt Disney World to secure their sets. 

International players can play too. Lorcana is available across the UK and Canada at popular stores, ensuring that Lorcana’s magic is within reach for enthusiasts around the globe.

Things To Consider While Buying Lorcana

When venturing out to purchase Lorcana sets, there are a few important considerations to remember. 

First, consider the type of gameplay experience you want; whether you’re a collector or a competitive player, the choice of starter box or booster packs will differ. 

Pay attention to the set editions. Each edition offers unique cards and strategies to explore. 

Lastly, consider the community and support around Lorcana, as engaging with fellow players can greatly enhance your enjoyment and mastery of the game.

Product Range

The core of Lorcana’s offerings includes starter decks, booster packs, and Illumineer’s troves. Starter decks are perfect for newcomers, providing a ready-to-play deck with an array of characters and spells. 

These decks have competitive pricing, allowing you to dive into the game without breaking the bank. 

Booster packs, filled with random cards, offer the thrill of discovery and are vital for expanding your collection. 

For the devoted player, the Illumineer’s troves contain exclusive cards and deck boxes to enhance the gaming experience. As you build your arsenal, track the pricing, as premium items like the troves often command a higher cost.

While individual card prices vary, a standard booster pack generally sits at an affordable point of $5.99, making it accessible for continuous collection building. 

The Illumineer’s troves cost around $49.99, reflecting their value to collectors and players looking to gain an edge in competitive games. 

Regardless of your choice, each product is crafted to immerse you in the magic of Lorcana and to provide a distinct edge in gameplay.

Understanding the Rarity and Collectibility

Within the enchanting world of Lorcana, every card has a place in the spectrum of rarity and collectibility. From the frequently found common cards to the elusive and highly sought-after enchanted cards, the thrill of the hunt fuels collectors’ passion. 

Understanding this hierarchy is crucial, as it affects gameplay strategies and the potential value of your cards outside the competitive arena.

Card Rarity

At the heart of Lorcana’s collectibility is a well-defined rarity system. Cards have six levels, each marked by a distinct symbol at the card’s bottom center, guiding players as they assess their collection’s value. 

Starting with Common and Uncommon, the system ascends through Rare, Super Rare, and Legendary, culminating in the Enchanted category—always in foil with unique art that stands out in any collection.

Beyond the rarity levels, the allure of foil cards with their shimmering, metallic finish appeals to players and collectors alike. 

While most cards are available in both foil and non-foil versions, the Enchanted cards boast exclusive artwork and are foil by default, making them highly sought after for their beauty and scarcity.


For many, collecting Lorcana cards transcends the joy of playing; it becomes a passion intertwined with the love for Disney’s universe. 

Collectors meticulously hunt for rare cards for their utility in competitive play and as treasures embodying the magic of Disney storytelling. As each card features iconic characters and moments, collecting becomes a nostalgic journey as much as it does a strategic endeavor.

Of course, you can’t overlook the investment aspect. With certain cards fetching high prices on the secondary market, savvy collectors often consider the potential return on investment when acquiring cards. 

Whether for the love of collection or the financial prospects, Lorcana offers a compelling collectible experience, ensuring that each card holds more than just material value.

lorcana review

Comparing Lorcana to Other CCGs

In the crowded landscape of collectible card games, Lorcana distinguishes itself with a unique blend of Disney charm and strategic depth. 

Unlike other CCGs that may focus solely on the mechanics or lore, Lorcana marries the two, creating a captivating and challenging game. 

This combination of narrative-driven cards and intricate gameplay mechanics positions Lorcana as a refreshing addition to the market, appealing to Disney fans and card game enthusiasts.

How Lorcana Stands Out in the Market

Lorcana’s integration into the rich tapestry of Disney’s universe sets it apart in the collectible card game market. 

Players become Illumineers, wielding magic and Disney characters in a way that celebrates the vast library of Disney lore. 

The unique premise of banding together characters from different stories allows for imaginative and diverse gameplay that honors the spirit of Disney’s creations.

Integration With The Disney Universe

The allure of Lorcana lies in its deep integration with the Disney universe. Players have the opportunity to weave their narratives using characters and elements from the vast array of Disney songs and stories. 

Each card is a portal to a cherished memory, a beloved tale, or a favorite song, making every match a test of strategy and a celebration of Disney’s rich storytelling heritage.

Unique Deck Building Approach

Lorcana’s deck-building approach sets it apart from other trading card games. With a distinctive system that incorporates ink colors to represent different magical energies, players must carefully consider their deck composition. 

This mechanic adds a layer of strategy, as you must balance the colors within your deck to effectively cast spells and summon characters. This unique feature ensures that deck building in Lorcana is a creative and thoughtful process.

Visual and Illustrative Designs

The visual and illustrative designs of Lorcana cards are a feast for the eyes, with each card featuring stunning artwork that captures the essence of Disney’s iconic characters. 

From the heroic stance of Mickey Mouse to the villainous glare of infamous adversaries, the attention to detail in the illustrations helps bring the game to life. This dedication to aesthetic excellence enriches the gaming experience and contributes to the card’s desirability among collectors.

The Competitive Landscape for Card Games

In the bustling arena of collectible card games (CCGs), Lorcana enters a field with established giants. You might already be familiar with titles like Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, and Yu-Gi-Oh!, which have not only dominated tabletops but also made successful forays into the digital space. 

These games have set a high bar for community engagement and competitive play, creating a challenge for newcomers to carve out their niche.

However, Lorcana’s Disney pedigree gives it a unique advantage. While most CCGs rely on original or varied fictional universes, Lorcana taps into the vast and beloved Disney universe, potentially drawing in fans who are eager for a new way to engage with their favorite characters. 

The Verdict on Disney’s Lorcana

Disney’s Lorcana emerges as a captivating entry in the collectible card game arena, melding the enchantment of Disney’s universe with the strategic depth of CCGs. 

With cards in the starter deck offering a glimpse into the diverse cast of heroes and villains, players can experience the thrill of the game with just a single purchase. 

Lorcana cards, including special ones like Steamboat Willie, enhance the allure for Disney enthusiasts and CCG players alike. 

The publisher Ravensburger has crafted a game that’s easy to jump into but offers nuanced gameplay that evolves with each expansion. 

Whether you’re at a launch party, trading randomized booster packs at game stores, or simply wanting to collect cards featuring your favorite characters, Lorcana stands out with its mix of ruby and emerald rarities and an ever-growing roster. 

While accessibility is still growing, the charm and potential of Lorcana make it a game worth watching—and playing.

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