Lorcana MSRP Prices – Your Comprehensive Guide to Disney TCG Costs

Whether you’re eyeing the coveted Illumineer’s Trove or a special chapter gift set, staying informed on prices lets you find deals closer to MSRP. 

Understanding MSRP prices is crucial as you begin your journey with Disney characters in card form. From starter decks to booster packs, we have meticulously crafted this guide to clarify costs, ensuring you can make informed decisions whether you’re shopping in hobby stores or online. 

Prices can fluctuate, but this guide will equip you to navigate the market and build your collection without breaking the bank.

Introduction to Disney Lorcana Collectible Card Game

Embark on a magical journey with Set 1 of the Disney Lorcana Collectible Card Game. Crafted by Ryan Miller, this game is a new treasure for TCG enthusiasts and Disney fans. It’s available at hobby stores and ready to bring your favorite set of Disney Lorcana characters to life.

Understanding the Lorcana Universe

Lorcana invites you to explore a universe where Disney’s iconic characters are reimagined as powerful cards. Each card weaves a tale, bringing together familiar faces in a new, strategic gameplay experience that transcends generations and ignites imagination.

The Appeal of Disney Lorcana TCG

Disney Lorcana TCG offers a gateway to a world where the charm of Disney characters meets the excitement of TCG gameplay. Available at mass-market retail, this game captivates with its gift sets, each Lorcana deck rich with 20 lore cards, and the thrill of unwrapping Lorcana booster packs, echoing the joy found in Magic the Gathering.

lorcana msrp prices

Comprehensive Price Guide for Lorcana The First Chapter

For those ready to embark on their Disney Lorcana adventure, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price sets expectations for The First Chapter. 

From the starter-ready illuminations of the Illumineer’s Trove to the chapter gift set, this guide ensures you’re geared up with a ready-to-play deck, complete with playable foil game cards, all set for Disney Lorcana’s debut.

Starter Decks

Each Starter Deck, whether the shimmering Sapphire & Steel or the vibrant Emerald & Ruby, includes 60 cards, featuring two foil cards, eleven game tokens, a rulebook, and a single booster pack with 12 randomized cards. 

The Steel Starter Deck, much like its Sapphire counterpart, promises a strategic foundation for your Lorcana journey. Each deck costs $16.99.

Booster Packs

Enhance your Disney Lorcana experience with Booster Packs, each containing a dynamic array of 12 randomized cards, including six common cards, three uncommon cards, and the potential for two super rare or even legendary cards, plus one guaranteed foil card. With random rarity, these packs, priced at $5.99, add an element of surprise and value to every collector’s arsenal.

Lorcana Illumineer’s Trove

For a truly immersive Lorcana experience, the Illumineer’s Trove is the treasure every collector seeks. 

Set 2 of this grand collection includes a full-art storage box, two deck boxes, eight booster packs, fifteen game tokens, and a player’s guide. The Trove, valued at $49.99, is ready to fill any gaps in your collection with its rich contents.

Gift Sets

The First Chapter Gift Set is a treasure trove of Disney nostalgia, offering two oversized and two playable foil game cards of Disney legends Mulan – Imperial Soldier and Hades – King of Olympus. 

Along with 34 game tokens and four booster packs, this set is priced at $29.99, making it an ideal starting point or a beautiful addition to any collection.

Comprehensive Price Guide for Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn

Lorcana Rise of the Floodborn expands your collection significantly, especially when you opt for the 24 booster packs bundle, promising more strategic depth and excitement.

Starter Decks

The Rise of the Floodborn introduces two new Starter Decks, each brandishing a unique combination of Ink types—either Amber/Sapphire or Amethyst/Steel. 

They contain 60 cards, including two foil feature cards, eleven game tokens, and an additional booster pack. These decks are consistently priced at $16.99, offering a solid foundation for newcomers and veterans.

Booster Packs

The Booster Packs promise a fresh wave of excitement with each 12-card set, featuring six common cards, three uncommon cards, and a chance at two rare, super rare, or legendary cards, plus one foil card of random rarity. 

Available for $5.99 each or $143.99 for a box of 24, these packs are adorned with art from Raya, the Queen of Hearts, and the Beast, adding a touch of royal elegance to your collection.

Lorcana Illumineer’s Trove

Continue your quest with the Rise of the Floodborn Illumineer’s Trove, a collector’s delight priced at $49.99. This Set 2 collection fills your inventory with a full-art storage box, two deck boxes, eight booster packs, 15 game tokens, and a player’s guide. It ensures you don’t miss any lore from your growing compendium of Lorcana’s enchanting world.

Gift Sets

The Disney 100 Collector’s Edition Gift Set, available for $49.99, celebrates a century of Disney magic. It features six exclusive foil alternate art cards from The First Chapter and Rise of the Floodborn, illustrated by Disney animators. 

This collector’s dream includes four booster packs from Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn, ensuring your collection stays legendary.

Comprehensive Price Guide for Lorcana Into the Inklands

Into the Inklands introduces location cards, a new element that enriches the strategic gameplay of Disney Lorcana. 

Booster boxes of this set, akin to those of the Pokémon TCG, contain 24 packs, each with 12 random cards, including two rare and a foil card. 

The Illumineer’s Trove continues to be a coveted item for collectors, offering a treasure of game-enhancing content.

Starter Decks

If you’re eager to dive into the world of Lorcana, the Starter Decks are your entry point. 

Priced at $16.99 each, you can choose between two themes: the Amber/Emerald deck, featuring the adventurous Peter Pan and the charming Pongo with his puppies, or the Sapphire/Ruby deck, showcasing the brave Moana and the wealthy Scrooge McDuck. 

Each deck can introduce players to the game’s mechanics, focusing on unique character combos and strategies.

Booster Packs

Expand your collection with Booster Packs, each offering a mix of 12 random cards for $5.99. Inside, you’ll find six common, three uncommon, and two rare, super rare, or legendary cards, plus a collectible foil card of random rarity. 

Booster Packs come in three different designs, each featuring the iconic visages of Jafar, Piglet, or Mickey Mouse, adding a touch of Disney magic to every pack you open.

Lorcana Illumineer’s Trove

The Lorcana Illumineer’s Trove, priced at $49.99, is a treasure chest for collectors. It includes a sturdy storage box to keep your cards safe and organized, complete with 6 card dividers. 

Inside, you’ll discover eight booster packs, each with 12 additional game cards, six damage-counter dice, and a lore counter. The set also comes with a guide printed on glossy paper, designed to navigate you through your expanding universe of cards.

Gift Sets

The Gift Sets, at $29.99, are a perfect way to enhance your game with exclusive items. Each set boasts two collectible oversized foil cards and two playable foil cards, alongside 34 damage counters and two lore tracker tokens. 

Plus, you’ll get four booster packs, adding to your arsenal of game cards and ensuring that your deck remains as dynamic as the realms of Lorcana itself.

lorcana msrp prices

Navigating Lorcana Purchases and Retail Options

Embarking on your Lorcana journey? Set 1 of your collection starts with knowing where to find the game. 

Where to Secure Your Lorcana Decks and Packs

When you’re ready to start your Lorcana collection, consider the convenience of online shopping or the experience of a brick-and-mortar store. You can find chapter starter decks and booster packs at mainstream retailers like Target and Walmart. 

Alternatively, you can choose specialty stores such as GameStop and Barnes & Noble for expert advice. Remember the online powerhouses like Amazon and Best Buy for quick delivery.

For the Disney purist, you can find exclusive offerings at shopDisney.com, the Disney Store in Times Square, Disney Springs at Walt Disney World, and Disney Pin Traders in the Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort. 

These locations often carry exclusive Disney merchandise, making your Lorcana shopping experience even more enchanting.

Online vs Brick-and-Mortar: Price Implications

Consider the potential cost differences when deciding between online and physical stores for your Lorcana purchases. 

Online retailers might offer competitive pricing on booster boxes and card games, including Lorcana, which could save money. However, don’t overlook the potential for exclusive deals or promotions at brick-and-mortar locations, which could offer unique purchasing opportunities.

It’s also worth comparing the shopping experiences. While online stores provide convenience and often a wider selection, local game shops can offer a sense of community and immediate gratification. 

The Lorcana Experience Beyond Cards

Lorcana Playmats and Lore Accessories

Enhance your gameplay with Lorcana Playmats and Lore Accessories. For just $19.99, each playmat serves as a protective surface for your cards and doubles as a desk mat or mouse pad. 

The fabric top features vivid artwork of beloved Disney characters, such as Mulan and Hades, and the anti-slip bottom keeps your game in place. 

Complete your setup with matte-finish card sleeves, priced at $9.99 per pack of 65, and deck boxes for $5.99 each, capable of holding up to 80 sleeved cards, ensuring your 11 damage counters and cards remain safe and organized.

Additional Items and Merchandise for Lorcana Enthusiasts

For the avid collector, additional Lorcana merchandise includes card portfolios and deck boxes, each priced at $19.99 and $5.99 respectively. The card portfolios are essential for securely and stylishly showcasing your rarest finds, like Mickey Mouse cards. 

Meanwhile, the deck boxes offer a compact and convenient way to transport your deck, complete with protective card sleeves, ensuring that your Lorcana experience is both organized and portable.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Lorcana MSRP Prices – Final Thoughts

As we’ve journeyed through the enchanting world of Lorcana, understanding the MSRP prices for this Disney TCG has been like piecing together a magical puzzle. 

Reflecting on the costs associated with ‘The First Chapter,’ ‘Rise of the Floodborn,’ and ‘Into the Inklands,’ it’s clear that your investment in Lorcana not only buys you cards but also a ticket to a vibrant and ever-expanding universe.

As you navigate this realm of Disney’s iconic characters and rich storytelling, let your decisions be guided by the joy of the game and the community within the Lorcana universe.

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