Lorcana Mickey Mouse: A Guide to the Most Magical Cards

Imagine you’re stepping into a world where the enchantment of Disney meets the strategy of a trading card game. That’s the magic of Lorcana, where iconic characters like Mickey Mouse come to life in a whole new way. 

Each card captures a unique moment in Mickey’s storied career, from his early days to his modern adventures. Let’s dive into the most magical Mickey cards you could find in your deck.

Mickey Mouse – Brave Little Tailor

In the role of the Brave Little Tailor, Mickey Mouse shines as a character card that will inspire your Lorcana deck with courage and charm. Illustrated by Nicholas Kole, this version of Mickey, hailing from the ‘Mickey Mouse & Friends’ franchise, boasts an 8 ink cost, with ruby ink from the inkwell. His strength and willpower are a solid 5, making him a balanced and versatile choice for your gameplay.

D23 Expo Version

Take a peek at the D23 Expo Version, a true collector’s gem released September 9th, 2022. This promo card, numbered 1/P1 from Promo Set 1, is a rare find with prices ranging widely – some listings stretch from a mere $1.15 to an astonishing $350k, with the last sale recorded at $2650, showcasing the card’s immense value among fans and collectors.

The First Chapter Version

The First Chapter Version of Brave Little Tailor Mickey, card number 115/204 with legendary rarity, hit the scene on August 18th, 2023. If you’re hunting for this card, TCGPlayer values the base at $5.18, while the foil version glistens at $69.42. Seekers of this card on eBay have seen foil versions listed up to $810.20, demonstrating its desirability in the trading card game community.

lorcana mickey mouse

Mickey Mouse – Wayward Sorcerer

Embrace the magical chaos with Mickey Mouse as the Wayward Sorcerer from the iconic ‘Fantasia.’ This character card, part of The First Chapter set released on August 18th, 2023, casts a spell with an ink cost of 4, utilizing amethyst ink from the inkwell. It comes with a strength of 3 and willpower of 4, embodying the Disney and Mickey Mouse legacy with every play.

Super Rare Version

The Super Rare Version of Wayward Sorcerer Mickey, illustrated by Nicholas Kole and numbered 51/204, is ready to sweep the game board. With a base card price of $1 and a foil version at $1.86 on TCGPlayer, collectors might find themselves bidding up to $4000 on eBay for this sparkling treasure.

Enchanted Version

Illustrated by Cam Kendell, the Enchanted Version of Wayward Sorcerer Mickey, card number 208/204, weaves a higher level of allure into your collection. Listings for this card span from $275 to $1.2k on Sports Card Investor, with recent sales reaching $449, and some enthusiasts have spotted an eBay listing priced at a remarkable $5000.

Mickey Mouse – True Friend

As a True Friend, Mickey Mouse extends a hand of camaraderie and warmth in The First Chapter set of Lorcana. Card number 12/204, this version captures the heart of Mickey Mouse & Friends with an ink cost of 3 and balanced attributes of strength and willpower at 3 each. 

Illustrated by Dave Beauchene, this uncommon card radiates the essence of Mickey’s character without any additional keywords or abilities, letting his unwavering spirit shine through.


For those looking to add Mickey Mouse – True Friend to their deck, TCGPlayer lists the base card at a modest $0.07, while the foil version twinkles at $0.99. A unique mis-cut version of this card has surfaced on eBay, catching the eyes of collectors with a price tag of $430.

Mickey Mouse – Musketeer

En garde for the Musketeer version of Mickey Mouse, a character card brimming with bravery and finesse. With an ink cost of 6 and steel ink from the inkwell, Mickey stands ready to defend your deck with a strength of 2 and a willpower of 7. 

Illustrated by Jochem van Gool, this Dreamborn Hero also dons the title of Musketeer, standing as a testament to the enduring legacy of Mickey in the world of the trading card game. A lore rating of 2 hints at the rich story behind Mickey’s musketeer persona, ready to fight alongside you with honor and camaraderie.

The First Chapter Version

Released as part of The First Chapter set on August 18th, 2023, the Musketeer Mickey card, number 186/204, holds a rare position among Lorcana cards. According to  TCGPlayer, the base card costs $0.30 and the foil version at $2.45, with the eBay listings reaching as high as $350.

Gen Con Promo Version

Exclusive to Gen Con, the Promo Version of Musketeer Mickey, card number 11/P1, was released on August 3rd, 2023. This promotional card is a hot commodity with a TCGPlayer price of $90.68 and has been seen on eBay with a commanding price of up to $1000, a testament to its rarity and the value placed on it by collectors.

Mickey Mouse – Detective

Don your detective cap with Mickey Mouse as he investigates the mysteries of Lorcana. As a Detective, card number 154/204 from The First Chapter set, Mickey has an ink cost of 3, with sapphire ink at his disposal. 

Although his strength may be a mere 1, his willpower of 3 speaks to his persistent nature, ready to uncover the truth with the ‘Ramp’ ability. With a lore rating of 1, this common card is illustrated by Jared Nickerl.

The First Chapter Version

For those sleuthing for the Detective Mickey card, The First Chapter version is available with an accessible price point of $0.08 for the base and $0.59 for the foil on TCGPlayer. Seekers of rarity and shine may find the foil version on eBay for as much as $59.99, proving that even the common cards can hold unexpected value for the keen-eyed collector.

Lorcana League Promo Version

Released on August 18th, 2023, this promo card, numbered 8/P1, is a treasure for any fan. While you might find it on TCGPlayer for about $8.23, some collectors have spotted it on eBay with a whopping price tag of up to $350, making it a noteworthy find.

Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Pilot

Imagine sailing the rivers of Lorcana with the iconic Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Pilot card. This common card, from The First Chapter set, features Mickey as a Storyborn Captain and Hero. With an ink cost of just 3 Emerald ink and stats of 3 strength and 4 willpower, it’s a solid addition to any starter deck. Released on August 18th, 2023, card number 89/204 was brought to life by artist Juan Diego Leon and quickly became a favorite among players.


For fans on a budget, the base Mickey Mouse – Steamboat Pilot card is super affordable at only $0.06 on TCGPlayer, while the foil version shines a bit brighter at $0.59. However, if you’re hunting for something truly unique, there’s a signed version floating around on eBay worth $5000!

lorcana mickey mouse

Mickey Mouse – Artful Rogue

Get ready to meet Mickey in a whole new light with the Mickey Mouse – Artful Rogue card. This character bursts onto the scene with a hefty ink cost of 7 Emerald ink, but don’t worry, he’s worth it. 

With a strong 6 and a willpower of 5, this Floodborn Hero can navigate tricky situations with his ‘Block Quest’ and ‘Shift’ abilities. His lore level of 2 hints at a deeper story for this version, and he’s released as part of The First Chapter set on August 18th, 2023.

Super Rare Version

The Super Rare version of Mickey Mouse – Artful Rogue, with card ID 88/204, brings an even more exclusive edge to your collection. Crafted by artists Kendall Hale and Alex Accorsi, this card has a base price of $0.25 on TCGPlayer. The foil version is worth $1.99. But for those with their eyes on the prize, eBay listings have been seen at a steep $115!

Enchanted Version

Step into a world of wonder with the Enchanted version of Mickey Mouse – Artful Rogue. Illustrated by Kendall Hale, card 210/204 weaves a spell of collectibility with listings ranging from $249 to $1.3k on Sports Card Investor. If you’re curious about the value, the last sale recorded was a substantial $450. And for the ultimate collector, there’s an enchanting eBay listing priced at $4999.

Mickey Mouse – Friendly Face

Every collector knows that Mickey’s smile can light up any room, and the Mickey Mouse – Friendly Face card is no exception. With an ink cost of 6 Amber ink and a unique ability to ‘Reduce Cost,’ this version of Mickey, card number 13/204, is both affable and strategic. 

His willpower of 6 shines through, even with a strength of just 1, reflecting his supportive nature in the game. He’s a Storyborn Hero, released in the Rise of the Floodborn set, and adds a touch of Disney magic to any game.

Illustrated by Veronica Di Lorenzo and Livio Cacciatore, Mickey’s Friendly Face is a beacon of hope in your deck. Whether you’re facing a tough opponent or just enjoying a casual game, his cheerful demeanor and cost-reducing skills will surely give you an advantage. Released on November 17th, 2023, this Super Rare card is a must-have for those who value the power of friendship in Lorcana.

Rise of the Floodborn Version

The Rise of the Floodborn set brings us the Super Rare Mickey Mouse – Friendly Face, which holds a base card value of $0.31 on TCGPlayer. The foil version is a reasonable $1.35. Collectors, keep your eyes peeled—eBay has seen this friendly card go for as much as $55.49!

Disney100 Version

Celebrating a century of magic, the Disney100 version of Mickey Mouse – Friendly Face is a collector’s dream. Illustrated by the legendary Mark Henn, card 18/P1 is a Promo rarity found on TCGPlayer for $10.65. If you’re searching for a treasure, you might be lucky to spot it on eBay with a price tag of up to $189, adding a piece of Disney history to your Lorcana adventure.

Mickey Mouse – Trumpeter

Card number 182/204 from the Into the Inklands set, due on February 23rd, 2024, introduces a new tune to your Lorcana gameplay with an ink cost of 4 Steel ink. Despite his modest strength and willpower of 0 and 1, respectively, his ‘Reduce Cost’ ability is like music to your ears, helping you play other cards more efficiently. Illustrated by Gonzalo Kenny, this version of Mickey is a symphony of strategy and charm.

Legendary Version

The Legendary version of Mickey Mouse – Trumpeter boasts a base price of $2.29 for the card and $7.51 for its foil counterpart on TCGPlayer. But if you’re searching the high notes, this card has been seen reaching up to $300 on eBay, making it a legendary find for your collection.

Enchanted Version

Adding a touch of enchantment to your deck, the Mickey Mouse – Trumpeter Enchanted version, illustrated by Luigi Aime, is a dazzling card with card ID 220/204. Sports Card Investor reports listings between $250 to $299, with the last sale ringing in at a harmonious $510.51. On eBay, this magical melody of a card is currently listed at an impressive $999.98.

Mickey Mouse – Stalwart Explorer

Embark on an adventure with Mickey Mouse – Stalwart Explorer, a common card from the Into the Inklands set. With card number 181/204, Mickey is ready to chart new territories in Lorcana with an ink cost of 3 Steel ink. 

His balanced stats of 3 strength and 3 willpower, along with the ‘Gain Strength’ ability, make him a resilient Dreamborn Hero in your deck. Released on February 23rd, 2024, and illustrated by Louis Jones, this card is perfect for explorers of all levels.


The base Mickey Mouse – Stalwart Explorer card is quite a steal at $0.06 on TCGPlayer, and the foil version is a modest $0.18. But for those looking for a signature piece, there’s a signed version available on eBay for $44, a small price for a grand adventure.

Mickey Mouse – Playful Sorcerer

Summon your inner sorcerer with Mickey Mouse – Playful Sorcerer, your guide to mystical gameplay. This character from Mickey Mouse & Friends and Fantasia brings strength and magic to your deck. 

With a 5 Steel ink cost, 3 strength, and 4 willpower, and abilities like ‘Damage,’ ‘Resist,’ and ‘Shift,’ Mickey is as playful as he is powerful. Set for release on May 17th, 2024, this card, illustrated by Alice Pisoni, is a Floodborn Hero and Sorcerer you won’t want to miss.

Ursula’s Return Version

Imagine the thrill as you reveal Ursula’s Return version of Mickey Mouse, card ID 187/204, from your deck. Fans treasure both the base card, valued at $15 and the shimmering foil version, which commands a price of $20. 

Deep Trouble Version

When diving into the Deep Trouble set, look for Mickey Mouse, card ID 225/204. This rare gem captures Mickey’s underwater escapades, promising to make a splash in any game. While the card’s value is yet to be determined, its rarity ensures it’s a sought-after piece for collectors and players alike. 

lorcana mickey mouse

Magical Conclusion: Why Lorcana and Mickey Mouse Cards Enchant Fans

When you play with Mickey Mouse cards, you step into a world where strategy and luck dance together. You build decks, make friends, and experience the joy of finding that one perfect card to complete your collection. 

Fans adore these cards because they blend the excitement of gaming with the warmth of Disney magic, creating an experience that’s fun, enchanting, and uniquely Lorcana.

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