Lorcana Elsa Cards – Price Guide and Collector Insights

If you’re hunting for the scoop on Elsa cards, you’ve hit the jackpot. These cards are not just pretty pictures. They’re hot commodities in the Lorcana universe. And if you’re curious about the elusive PSA 10 grade, stick around.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, understanding the value of your Elsa cards is crucial. From eye-popping prices to the thrill of the chase, we’ll break down what makes these cards worth the hype. Ready to dive into the icy world of Elsa card collecting? Let’s go!

Unveiling the Lorcana Elsa Cards

Prepare for a frosty adventure as we reveal the magical Lorcana Elsa cards, each with its own unique charm and game-changing abilities.

1. Elsa – Snow Queen (D23 Expo Version)

lorcana elsa

The D23 Expo Version of Elsa, titled “Elsa – Snow Queen,” showcases her majestic presence with an amethyst ink color that signifies her royal status. As a promo card from the D23 Expo Promo Set, this rarity features Elsa’s abilities, like exerting chosen characters with a simple touch. 

With illustrator Nicholas Kole’s stunning depiction, this card captures Elsa’s essence, making it a sought-after piece for fans and collectors alike.

Released on September 9th, 2022, this enchanting card has classifications including Dreamborn, Hero, Queen, and Sorcerer, emphasizing Elsa’s multifaceted nature. 

Priced as a promo rarity, it’s the treasure of any collection, reflecting the Snow Queen’s power to freeze chosen characters in their tracks. The card’s unique abilities and its place in the D23 Expo set make it a must-have for devotees of the Frozen franchise.

Card Background

This Elsa — Snow Queen card holds a special place as part of the six-card D23 Expo Collector’s Set. Only available at the 2022 expo in Anaheim, it was a limited-time offer that many fans couldn’t resist. 

Marked with the D23 Expo and 1st stamps, this card’s exclusivity adds to its allure. Plus, it’s also part of the main Lorcana set, The First Chapter, giving collectors a second chance to claim a piece of the magic.


Sports Card Investor reports a wide price range for this card, with listings soaring from $5 to a staggering $10k. Some eager sellers have even placed it on eBay for as much as $12k. However, the most recent sale brought the owner $7600. So, if you’re hunting for this Frozen treasure, be ready for some serious investment!

2. Elsa — Snow Queen

Step aside for the queen! The Snow Queen Elsa card, with its amethyst ink, portrays Elsa in all her regal glory. Like her D23 counterpart, this card’s strength lies in her power to exert control over chosen characters, a strategic move that can turn the tides of gameplay. Illustrator Nicholas Kole captures Elsa’s poise, reflecting her lore as a queen and sorcerer.

Released in the core set ‘The First Chapter,’ this card is an uncommon find that will make you feel like royalty every time you play it. So, let’s get ready to freeze our opponents and claim our place as the true masters of the game!

Card Background

This Elsa — Snow Queen card originally debuted in the D23 Collector’s Set, capturing the hearts of fans with a preview of Elsa’s new adventures. A subtle change in the flavor text from the expo version to the main set release adds a fresh twist, intriguing collectors with Elsa’s journey into an entirely new world.


Whether you’re a budget-conscious collector or looking for a shiny addition, the Elsa — Snow Queen card offers options. TCGPlayer lists the base version at a modest $0.19, while the foil version glimmers at $1.49. Keep an eye out for higher-priced listings that might pop up as this card’s allure continues to grow.

3. Elsa – Spirit of Winter

Behold the Elsa — Spirit of Winter card, a legendary addition to your collection that demands a hefty ink cost of 8. Its strength and willpower stats tower above the rest, and with the unique abilities of Block, Ready, Exert, and Shift, Elsa becomes an unstoppable force. Illustrator Matthew Robert Davies has outdone himself, capturing the icy essence of Elsa’s legendary status.

With the power to exert up to 2 chosen characters, this Elsa card is a game-changer, ready to disrupt your opponent’s plans and carve a path to victory. Available in both regular and foil versions, it’s a card that’s as versatile as it is majestic.

Released alongside The First Chapter on August 18th, 2023, this card is a testament to Elsa’s legendary status as a Floodborn, Hero, Queen, and Sorcerer. Its special ability, Shift 6, offers strategic depth, allowing players to transform their gameplay by playing Elsa atop another character of the same name. 

Card Background

Released with The First Chapter, Elsa — Spirit of Winter is available in both foil and standard versions. This card, showcasing Elsa’s might, is a cornerstone of the set, reflecting her evolution as a character and as a force within the game.


For those captivated by Elsa’s winter majesty, the base version of Spirit of Winter is priced at $10.29 on TCGPlayer, while the foil version sparkles at $50.66. If you’re in search of the ultimate rarity, foil versions reach up to $500 on eBay, and autographed versions command even higher prices, offering a treasure worthy of Elsa’s legacy.

4. Elsa – Queen Regent

The Elsa — Queen Regent card bestows upon you the regal might of Elsa with an ink cost of 4. With equal strength and willpower of 4, this common card is a cornerstone for any deck, embodying the Storyborn Hero Queen archetype. 

Its simple yet profound flavor text, “I never knew what I was capable of,” resonates with the growth and discovery central to Elsa’s character.

Illustrated by the talented duo Duyen Nguyen and Aubrey Archer, the Queen Regent card captures Elsa’s poise and potential, inviting you to explore the full extent of your abilities within the game. Are you ready to unleash your inner queen?

Card Background

Initially a whisper among the Lorcana community, the Queen Regent card was a mystery until its grand reveal on Discord by Team Lorcana, sparking excitement and anticipation for its role in deck building.


If you’re looking to rule the game without emptying your coffers, Elsa — Queen Regent offers a royal deal. TCGPlayer prices the base version at just $0.10, with the foil version slightly higher at $0.22. 

Keep an eye out on eBay, where the foil version can fetch up to $59.99, and autographed cards climb even higher, bringing a touch of nobility to your collection.

5. Elsa – Ice Surfer

Ready to ride the icy waves with Elsa — Ice Surfer? This Ruby ink-colored card from the set Disney Lorcana The First Chapter packs a strength of 3 and a willpower of 4. At an ink cost of 4, it’s a common card with ID 109/204 that fits perfectly into Dreamborn, Hero, Queen, and Sorcerer class decks. Plus, it has this cool ‘Ready’ keyword that plays nice with any Anna characters you’ve got on the board.

Released on August 18th, 2023, and illustrated by the talented Alice Pisoni and Whitney Pollett, it’s a must-have for players and collectors alike. Keep in mind, this character can’t go on quests after being played, but it’s a small price to pay for having the Snow Queen herself surf into your game with a burst of Ruby ink power.

Card Background

In the world of Disney Lorcana TCG, the Elsa – Spirit of Winter (Enchanted) card showcases Elsa’s transformation into a formidable force. Infused with the flavor text, “My sister has always been there for me. I need to be there for her,” this card captures the essence of Elsa’s unwavering commitment to family. Collectors can revel in the magic of this card, available in both a captivating holo foil and a base version, each weaving a visual tale of the Snow Queen’s power.


For those looking to add the Elsa – Spirit of Winter (Enchanted) card to their collection, TCGPlayer lists the base version at a modest $0.05, while the holo foil variant shimmers at $0.31. However, the allure of the foil version has driven prices to an astonishing $199.99 on eBay. If you’re seeking something even more unique, autographed versions have been known to fetch a royal sum of $400.

6. Elsa – Spirit of Winter (Enchanted)

lorcana elsa

For those seeking a powerful ally, the Elsa – Spirit of Winter (Enchanted) card is a rare gem. This Amethyst ink card from Disney Lorcana The First Chapter, with an ink cost of 8, wields a strength of 4 and a formidable willpower of 6. 

As an Enchanted rarity, card ID 207/204 boasts impressive abilities like Block, Ready, Exert, and Shift. It’s one of those cards that can put a freeze on your opponent’s plans.

The card’s DEEP FREEZE ability can exert up to 2 chosen characters, preventing them from readying at the start of their turn. 

Illustrated by Matthew Robert Davies, this card has strategic value and features alternate art that captures the majesty of Elsa’s winter magic.

Card Background

If you’re bewitched by the magic of Elsa, then the Elsa – Spirit of Winter (Enchanted) card, with its alternate art, is a treasure to behold. This card brings Elsa’s enchanting powers to life, drawing you deeper into the lore of Disney Lorcana.


Now, if you’ve got your eye on this Enchanted rarity, Sports Card Investor reports listings ranging from $1.5k to a chilling $14.5k. Even more jaw-dropping are the eBay listings that have soared up to $17.5k. The last sale? A cool $2499.99. So, if you’re ready to invest, this card’s value is as towering as Elsa’s ice castle.

7. Elsa – Gloves Off

Let’s talk about Elsa – Gloves Off, a card that reveals the raw power of the Snow Queen. With an ink cost of 4 and Amethyst ink flowing through it, this Storyborn Hero comes with a strength and willpower of 3 and 4, respectively. It’s a common card from the set Rise of the Floodborn, ID 39/204, ready to challenge any opponent that dares to step into the fray.

Illustrated by Cristian Romero and set to release on November 17th, 2023, this card boasts the Challenger ability, giving Elsa an extra edge in battle. The flavor text hints at the narrative depth of Lorcana, stating, “The power of ice may not stop the flood, but it will help protect Lorcana.” It’s a card that’s as strategic as it is story-rich, available in both base and foil versions for your collecting pleasure.

Card Background

With the flavor text, “The power of ice may not stop the flood, but it will help protect Lorcana,” the Elsa – Gloves Off card adds a layer of lore to your gameplay. This card, available in base and foil versions, showcases Elsa’s determination to shield her realm, no matter the odds.


Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to Disney Lorcana TCG, the Elsa – Gloves Off card offers an accessible entry point with the base version priced at $0.08 on TCGPlayer. 

The foil version, with its enhanced visual appeal, is valued at $0.43, with some eBay listings climbing to $34.95. For an extra special touch, autographed versions of this card have been known to command prices up to $400, adding a signature sparkle to any collection.

8. Elsa – Gloves Off (Disney100)

Ready for something exclusive? The Elsa – Gloves Off (Disney100) card is a special Promo rarity from the Promo Set 1 Disney100, celebrating a century of magic. With the same strength and willpower as its regular counterpart and an Amethyst ink cost of 4, this version stands out with its unique artwork. Card ID 19/P1 signifies its place in this celebratory set, and it’s still packed with the Challenger ability to give your gameplay that regal edge.

Brittney Lee’s illustrations bring a new level of elegance to this version, making it a must-have for collectors. Mark your calendars for November 17th, 2023, because that’s when this card makes its grand debut. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or new to the Disney Lorcana TCG, this card is a piece of history you won’t want to miss.

Card Background

This special Elsa – Gloves Off (Disney100) card features new art that distinguishes it from the original. It’s available exclusively within the Disney 100 Collector’s Edition Set, making it a rare and valuable piece. 

The new artwork represents Elsa’s indomitable spirit and is a fitting homage to the century-long Disney legacy. It’s a treasure for collectors and fans who wish to own a piece of Disney magic and history.


For those enchanted by the Disney100 celebration, the Elsa – Gloves Off (Disney100) card is a collector’s dream. TCGPlayer lists it at $17.61, but those seeking the foil version might find it on eBay for as high as $299.99. This card’s blend of rarity and commemorative art makes it a standout piece in any Disney Lorcana TCG collection.

Enchanting Conclusion: The Allure of Lorcana Elsa Cards

The charm of Lorcana Elsa cards goes beyond their stunning artwork and collectible nature. They represent a unique fusion of nostalgia and strategy, bringing the magic of Disney’s beloved Snow Queen into the exciting realm of card gaming. 

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a new player, the variety of Elsa cards offers an enchanting experience, each with its backstory and potential impact on gameplay. They’re not just cards. They’re keys to a kingdom of imagination, where every duel is a chance to let your love for Disney shine.

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